Wash and Valet your car Yourself

Dear Reader, 

With the help of this section of our website you can wash and valet your vehicle yourself. All you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions for any of the following service. If you are not sure of something please do not risk any damage to your vehicle. We do not accept any liability for any damage caused to your vehicle by following the procedures mentioned here, as this is purely to help those who love their car so much that they want to do the job their self. Alternatively you could always use one of our branches to get your vehicle cleaned.

To help you understand this tutorial, each of the following services are explained in three sections. It starts with the introduction to the service and then it explains the preparations and operations of the service. We very much hope that you will find our tutorials helpful.

Out Side Wash

Wash and dry is the most basic service one could perform on their vehicle. Some car wash operators may offer a so called wash and Go service, which is not recommended by us. we always suggest to dry your vehicle after you wash it. To perform a wash and dry service you will need the following equipments.


Alongside a parking space for your operation you will need the following material and equipments.
  • Water 
  • Jet Wash (Or any other method of using water to wash the vehicle)
  • Traffic Film Remover (TFR)
  • Shampoo (you need a shampoo for car cleaning, which is different from the ordinary kitchen shampoo) 
  • Shampoo Sponge
  • Micro Fibre cloth (for window cleaning )
  • Normal cloth ( to wipe the wheels )
  • Leather Cloth ( to wipe the body after wash)
  • Window cleaning chemical
  • Tyre dressing chemical
  • Rubber Wiper


First of all you need to apply the TFR on the body of your vehicle. Spray the TFR only on the places where the dirt is such as lower areas of the body, wheels. You could also use it on the back of the mirror and the bonnet if your have any dead flies on those areas. use on the tyre and wheel arches where possible and needed.

Now wash your vehicle with the jet wash or any other equipment you may have which uses water. this first wash is important , as you need to take off maximum amount of dirt, in order to reduce efforts at the other stages.

Now, mix the shampoo in some water and using the shampoo Matt or sponge apply shampoo on the vehicles body. Remember, always do the upper part first, as you may pick some sand in your sponge from lower area and may scratch your car's other areas with it. so always be care full with your shampoo sponge. 

After applying the shampoo, take it off with the water. You need to be careful, if you leave any shampoo on the body or in the corners, this will result in making your car dirty while you dry it later.

Now wipe your vehicle with the rubber wiper and then dry with the leather cloth. Make sure all the water is dry, as it can result in water marks later on. Clean the windows with the glass cleaner and with the help of the micro fibre cloth.

Finally, dress the tyres with the tyre dressing chemical and wipe the wheels with the cloth. This will give your tyres a back to black effect, and as a result your vehicle with look clean for longer.